The Atlantic: Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America

When the U.S.S.R. collapsed, Washington bet on the global spread of democratic capitalist values—and lost. AD Katie Martin.
Arrow Films: The Andromeda Strain

Box Cover and interior illustrations for Arrow Films' UK Blu Ray release of "The Andromeda Strain." AD Kevin Lambert.
Arrow Films: Children of Men

Illustrations for Arrow Films' Blu Ray release of "Children of Men." AD Kevin Lambert.
Verge: Monsters Come Howling in Their Seasons

For Cadwell Turnbull's magnificent story "Monsters Come Howling in Their Season" published by Verge. AD William Joel.
The New York Times: Is Tech Too Easy to Use?

For NYT on the need for more "friction" in our social media user interfaces. AD Minh Uong.
Philadelphia Partisan: War On the Homeless

For the Philadelphia Partisan's article on Philadelphia's legislative and police-enforced aggression towards their homeless population. AD Gina Lerman.
Playboy: Where Your Money Goes

Illustration to accompany an interview with Ralph Nader, covering the insidious places your money goes when you shop. AD Erica Loewy.
SPLC Intelligence Report: Under Attack

Illustrations about transgender murders and the police’s handling of the investigations. AD Michelle Leland.
Quanta Magazine: The Sum-Product Problem

How a Strange Grid Reveals Hidden Connections Between Simple Numbers. AD Olena Shmahalo.
Nova Eroica Poster. AD Nick Clark.
Texas Monthly: The Cartel Next Door

How prosecutors tied a brazen murder in an upscale Dallas suburb to one of Mexico’s most violent criminal organizations. AD Jenn Hair.
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