Stern Magazine: "The Third Way"

Illustrations for Stern Magazine's article on the Third Way, an organization that encourages members to microdose LSD and other psychedelics as a way of achieving self-improvement.
Propublica: Half-Life

For Propublica: Two decades ago, the government apologized for not protecting nuclear workers and promised to “right the wrongs of the past.” Last year, Los Alamos National Laboratory worker Chad Walde died of a rare brain cancer linked to radiation. He believed his work may have caused it. The government rejected his benefits claim.
The New York Times: Diversity Fights at Google

Illustration for NYT on Google's ongoing struggle and infighting over hiring a more diverse workforce. AD Minh Uong
The New York Times: The Looming Trade War

Illustration fro NYT on the effects of the trade war between the U.S. and China on the stock market. AD Minh Uong
The New York Times: Dark Money Pharma

Illustration for NYT on the effects of dark money political campaign contributions from Big Pharma.
Playboy: Sex in North Korea

Illustration for Playboy on the sex lives of North Korean citizens. AD Erica Loewy.
Playboy: Wine & Weed Tours

Illustration for Playboy on the growing "Wine & Weed" tourism industry in California. AD Erica Loewy.
Playboy: Trump Factory

Illustration for Playboy on the way the Trump campaign molds its followers. AD Erica Loewy.
Playboy: Monsanto Cancer Scare

Illustration for Playboy on the possible link between Monsanto and cancer. AD Erica Loewy.
Popular Mechanics: Bucket List

Illustration for Popular Mechanics on things any thrill seeker should do before they die. AD Michael Wilson.
Fast Company: Will Netflix Slay the Mouse?

Illustration for Fast Company on the streaming war between Netflix and Disney. AD Ted Keller.
The Atlantic: Automation in the Workplace

Illustrations for The Atlantic on the effects of automation on workers and industry. AD Paul Spella.
Vice Magazine: The Fiction Issue

Illustrations for Vice Magazine for their 11th fiction issue. Fake book covers for some cornerstone pulpy genres. Executive Design Director Matt Schoen, art directors Kitron Neuschatz and Nick Gazin and photo editor Liz Renstrom. 
Planet Rock Magazine: Rudy Schenker Illustration

Illustration for Planet Rock Magazine on some of some of Rudy Schenker's major influences. AD Russell Moorcroft.
Teaching Tolerance: Gun Control Activist Interview

Illustration for SPLC's Teaching Tolerance on the struggles of gun control activists. AD Michelle Leland.
Arrow Films: Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji.

Box Cover for Arrow Film's UK Blu Ray release of "Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji." AD Kevin Lambert.
Amtrak The National: Elizabeth Strout Takes a Trip to the Past

Illustration for Amtrak The National Magazine. In New Hampshire, the Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist pulls into a long-forgotten station. AD Christos Hannides.
Pacific Standard: The Red Pill

Editorial illustration series for Pacific Standard magazine's article "The Red Pill," about the tortured relationship between Josh Damigo and his brother Nathan Damigo, a prominent figure in the white supremacist movement. Thanks to AD Taylor Le.
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